About Us

What your eyes will see, your heart will feel…” -Kathy Ireland®

Revolutionary in innovations of talent and business, Kathy Ireland® recently joined the Forbes rankings as one of America’s 50 most successful, self-made women. 

The newest kathy ireland Worldwide® venture, DIAMONDS by kathy ireland®, features a collaboration with Paul Raps New York, Roland Krainz of Krainz Creations, and Yaron Turgeman of Taly Diamonds.

In a blend of innovation, fashion, and functionality, the kathy ireland Worldwide® Brand fundamentally inspires “finding solutions…”DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® celebrates a patented design setting, ensuring that the quality and style of each piece in Our Love Collection creates an exquisite look, adding value and luxurious accessibility at affordable price points, essentially creating beautiful products that the average woman can get behind.

Built by highly skilled and professionally trained in-house jewelers, DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® consists of beautifully handmade pieces, debuting a full collection of jewelry, including Bridal—each piece within

Our Love Collection is authentically crafted to best complement the delicate details inspired by the brilliance, and radiant beauty intrinsic to every diamond. 

The pieces within Our Love Collection are each individually hand-set in platinum, and are available in up to 6 different size variations; moreover, select rings may be finished in rose gold or yellow gold, ensuring a seamless, personalized fit for both customer and budget. Our Love Collection starts at $1,600, ranging upwards to $20,000, excluding custom orders. Categories within Our Love Collection   feature rings (including Bridal) priced from $1,600 to $15,500, earrings from $1,800 to $20,000, necklaces from $1,400 to $11,000, and bracelets from $3,900 to $13,000.

DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® guarantees all craftsmanship and products have been subjected to the most responsible, exacting control of diamond industry standards, using only a minimum of GH color, and VS clarity to create beautiful works of art in

Our Love Collection; the paramount quality of product and unrivaled craftsmanship of product differentiation enables DIAMONDS by kathy ireland®, to exude an unprecedented relationship of quality and value, making luxury accessible at affordable price points.