About Us

Revolutionary in innovations of talent and business, Kathy Ireland recently joined the Forbes rankings amongst
America’s 50 most successful, self-made women. Despite being privy to the entrepreneurial spirit, Kathy
credits her longtime friend and cherished mentor, Elizabeth Taylor, as the primary inspiration behind the
creation and success of her design company; in fact, Kathy attributes the savvy, fashionable, and innovative
approach to the business of licensing and design to the legendary and ever glamorous Hollywood icon,
Dame Elizabeth Taylor, whose knowledge and hands-on approach to her own thriving career encouraged
Kathy to “look at life, business, design, and philanthropy with a new set of eyes.” In doing so, Kathy was
inspired to combine and apply her own unique style, business ethics, and discerning taste to kiWW, offering
an innovative approach to branding and product designs.
Emerging from a balanced combination of fashion and functionality, Kathy Ireland’s emphasis on illuminating
beauty—even in the simplest or least suspecting spaces—speaks directly to her mentorship: “Watching
[Elizabeth Taylor] go through contracts and documents, and the way she would approach design [always
resulted] in finding beauty.” This search for authenticity and beauty not only identifies, but further
differentiates the kiWW Brand from other licensing and design corporations; the mission statement featuring
the underlying goal of “finding solutions” for consumers across all categories of product design, Kathy’s role as
chief designer involves a hands on approach, directly speaking to creating “beautiful products that address
[her] customers needs from the time she wakes up, until the time she goes to bed.” It is precisely this
combined application of integrity, authenticity, and passion with which Kathy employs her eye for design and
functionality to fashion beautiful, yet functional products.
DIAMONDS by kathy ireland®, the newest kiWW venture, features a collaboration with Paul Raps New York
Diamonds, a private jeweler embracing over four decades of experience and knowledge in exceptional artistry,
skilled craftsmanship, and unprecedented splendor throughout the creative process. Manufactured from only
the finest materials and premium quality in both product and unrivaled dexterity,

DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® boasts a uniquely exclusive, patent-pending design, offering beautiful, luxurious excellence of the
utmost, highest tier at affordable price points.
DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® consists of beautifully handmade pieces, built by highly skilled and professionally
trained in-house jewelers, who look to emphasize each stone’s unique radiant qualities in order to develop the
most precise and perfect look and feel for each stone—presenting a full collection of jewelry, each piece from
the DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® collection is authentically crafted to complement the delicate details
inspired by inimitable features and radiant beauty and brilliance intrinsic to each and every diamond.
Kathy Ireland’s innovative designs can be matched in the first line of the DIAMONDS by kathy ireland®
collection; comprised of 5 ring designs, 2 different earring designs (hanging and studs), 2 different necklace
designs, and a bracelet with different sized chains, each piece is available in five sizes to meet all aspects of
consumer needs, ranging from diameters sized 5.2mm, 6.1mm, 6.4mm, 7.4mm, and X.Xmm. Also part of the

52-piece debut DIAMONDS collection is a special links of love band, coupled with an eternity wedding band,
designed to complement the line.
Encompassing expertly hand-crafted patent-pending designs, the paramount quality of product coupled with
unrivaled craftsmanship of product differentiation enables DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® to exude an
unprecedented relationship of quality and value—a private aircraft for commercial use. Unlike the halo effect
featuring a distinguished, surrounding “halo” of pave diamonds, the patent-pending design utilized within the
DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® collection incorporates adjoining diamonds of the highest quality to complement
the beauty of the center stone, seamlessly portraying a larger size without sacrificing the beauty of solitaire-
set diamond pieces. The beauty of DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® is a combination of exceptional artistry and
affordable luxury—the elegant patent-pending rare design combined with an unrivaled price point introduces
the finest match in both diamond quality, make, and design, deeming DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® the
pinnacle of luxury, at efficient, economical price points.