Celebrating a uniquely exclusive and patented design,               DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® offers beautiful, luxurious excellence of the utmost, highest tier at affordable price points.
kathy ireland® is unrivaled in quality, labor, and dexterity in craftsmanship; manufactured from only the finest materials, 
kathy ireland® is both a timeless, yet revolutionary work of art, innovatively the most unique diamond offering of its kind. 
Built by highly skilled and professionally trained in-house jewelers, 
kathy ireland® consists of beautifully handmade pieces—each piece within the collection is designed to best complement and emphasize the delicate details inspired by each individual stones’ radiant qualities and natural brilliance. 
The paramount quality of product coupled with the unrivaled craftsmanship of product differentiation enables DIAMONDS by 
kathy ireland® to exude an unprecedented relationship of quality and value. Featuring the finest match in both diamond quality and make, the exclusively patented design innovation behind the     DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® Brand efficiently combines exceptional artistry with premium quality products; in doing so, DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® offers the pinnacle of luxury at unrivaled affordable price points, without compromising on the look, feel, or style of diamond size. 


Kathys Vision & Roland Krainz

Fashioned to complement the radiant brilliance and individualized look of each diamond, the advanced state-of-the-art patented design conceived exclusively for DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® is the cultivated result of years of extensive research, dedicated labor, and unwavering perseverance. 
     Combining Kathy’s unique vision and design inspiration with the technological feats and advanced engineering
executed by Roland 
Krainz, an Austrian born designer with 30+ years in the jewelry design industry, the innovative design behind the                     DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® collection is a collaborative effort, successfully embracing the integrity and passion with which Kathy pairs her vision for style and design with functionality.
     Elegantly identifying, understanding, and creatively targeting the reality of consumer needs today, DIAMONDS by 
kathy ireland® emphasizes the intrinsic qualities unique to each diamonds’ authentic beauty, without compromising on size or quality.
     DIAMONDS by 
kathy ireland® draws inspiration from the allium flower—a whimsical globe-shaped bulb comprised of an assembly of blossom clusters atop a tall stem. Analogous to the way the bloomed florets coalesce to form the voluptuous bulb, DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® combines premium, top quality products and